Sincerity- We treat partners, customers, and colleagues with a sincere attitude, provide safe and reliable produces and share our success. 

Enterprising We are never satisfied with the status quo but continue to innovate, and constantly pursue higher goals.

Respect We challenge each other with different opinions, respect employees’ individuality and personality, and respect more the spirit of teamwork.

Execution- We encourage the collision of ideas and persist in the implementation.

Xiaona Zhou (Financial supervisor)

I have engaged in financial work in Yantai Yitian for 14 years. I feel so proud of our formal and standard financial process. In this energetic team, you can feel the warmth of home. Without intrigue, what you only need to do is to do a good job.  

Akbar(Warehouse keeper)

I'm from Bangladesh. It's difficult for people like me to have decent jobs in Dubai. However, I work here with equal respect. I am very grateful to have a stable and profitable job in this company. I like working here.