OneDayOne APP Terms of Service

Software Services and Privacy terms

You are welcome to use the software and services. Please read the following content carefully.

1. Protecting users 'personal information is a basic principle, and we will take reasonable measures to protect users' personal

information. Except for the circumstances stipulated by laws and regulations, we will not disclose our personal information to

third parties without the permission of users. The APP adopts the professional encrypted storage and transmission mode of

relevant information to ensure the security of users' personal information. If you choose to agree to use the APP software,

you will recognize and accept the APP terms of service and the content that may be updated at any time.

2. We will use your following functions: microphone, speaker, WIFI network, cellular communication network, mobile

phone base station data, SD card, SMS control, camera, etc. If you prohibit the APP from using the above related

services and functions, you will bear the consequences of not having to obtain or enjoy the corresponding services of

the APP.

3. In order to provide better customer service, collect some information about device-level events (such as crashes) based

on the technical necessity, but this information does not allow us to identify you. In order to make the APP location

services more accurate, you may collect and process information about your actual location (such as GPS signals sent by

mobile devices), WI-FI access points, and base station location information. We will implement technical protection

measures for the above information to maximize the information from illegal access by third parties. At the same time, you

can choose to refuse the information collected by us based on the technical necessity of information and bear the

consequences of not obtaining or enjoying the corresponding services of the APP.

4. In the process of using our products or services, we may require you to provide personal information, such as name,

email address, telephone number, contact address, etc., and other similar personal information required when registering

or applying for services; your use of our products and services means that you agree to our collection and reasonable use

of such information. You can choose to reject or discard the use of related products or services.

5. Due to your own behavior or force majeure, if the contents that may involve your privacy or your private information is

leaked or obtained, used or transferred by a third party, you shall bear the adverse consequences, and we shall not bear any

responsibility for this.

6. We have the final right to interpret the above provisions.